Three Things You Shouldn’t Forget About During a Roof Replacement Job

Commercial buildings require continual roofing maintenance, but even with the extra attention paid to this element, a total roof replacement is often needed every few years. Constant exposure to weather elements can weaken the roofing materials, leading to potential liabilities with water leaks, mold growth, or falling debris. The complex and dangerous nature of a replacement task leads most business owners to a commercial roofing company for the work. If this is your first time making the call for a replacement quote, here are some things to consider about the overall process.

1. The Cost of Waste

The extent of the work done on the roof creates a tremendous amount of waste and debris. Your contractor will most likely bring in a dumpster where the waste will be thrown, either directly from the top of the roof as it is removed or from piles created around the base of the structure. The cost associated with waste can increase the total cost of your replacement. Salvaging as much insulation as possible will help save you money, but it also reduced waste ending up in the landfill. You also need to watch for liabilities from falling debris or nails or materials that are left lying around.

2. The Impact of the Noise

A roof replacement is a noisy project, potentially disturbing your employees or patrons during the course of the project. Try to arrange the replacement work schedule around the company’s work schedule in order to minimize disruptive activities or noises.

3. The Need for Professionalism

You need to make sure that the company you hired is capable of handling the replacement job with professionalism and efficiency. Check out the references from your contractor and inquire about backgrounds checks or screening for the laborers. Obtain copies of the insurance policy and business license the company carries to ensure there is recourse is things go wrong.

Do your homework before hiring a roof replacement team. Find out the cost and how the project will impact your day-to-day operations.