How to Repair Smoke Damage


When it comes to fire and smoke damage, it is normal to want to clean up the damage quickly. Instead of handling it on your own, a fire professional can provide tips on how to clean up your building.

Determining Salvageable Items

A fire restoration company will evaluate your items and look for salvageable things. In addition to an evaluation, they can provide tips on how to restore items and remove smoke damage. If there are items that cannot be saved or that would be too much effort to refurbish, they will tell you to dispose of them. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what is salvageable.

Creating Air Circulation

Air circulation is critical when it comes to airing out the property and repairing smoke damage. All windows should be opened and fans should circulate air throughout the building. If your heater is running after a fire, make sure to clean the filter regularly. Soot and ash will build up in the filter.

Removing Soot and Stains

Soot and stains can be difficult to remove without the assistance of a fire restoration company. If you have a problem with soot, do not try to vacuum it up. Vacuums will grind soot into floors and objects. Instead, you need to rely on the heavy-duty equipment that professionals provide.

Cleaning Drywall

Since drywall is porous, smoke can penetrate it. You will need an odor neutralizer because the odor will not disappear on its own. Do not try to conceal the odors or the smoke damage. Instead, have a professional inspect the damage to decide whether the drywall can be saved using cleaning products or if it has to be replaced.

After a fire, you may want to enter the building and clean up as fast as possible. Unfortunately, without a professional, this can cause more harm than good. It is important to get a professional opinion first.