Top Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior

The exterior paint on your home increases the resale value if you are looking to sell. Fresh paint increases curb appeal and extends the longevity of the exterior. A good paint company takes several things into consideration when painting an exterior.

Surface Prep

The ideal time of year to paint is when there are low chances of rain. Low humidity helps speed the paint drying time. Most importantly, paint does not adhere to wet or rough surfaces. It is important to prep the surface for the paint. An exterior painting company often does several things prior to applying the first coat of paint. A well prepped surface ensures the paint sticks for a long-lasting finish. Some of the following can be done prior to the painter showing up:

  • Sand and scrape old paint with a sandblaster or electric sander
  • Smooth out wood surfaces
  • Wash the surface removing any debris and dust
  • Replace rotten siding and wood material

High-Quality Products

Save time and money over the long-term by investing in high-quality paint. Not only does better paint mean less coats to get the needed coverage but it also lasts longer. While cheaper paint may seem a better option in the short-term, it often costs more over the years. When a primer is applied first, it can cover up any old colors or discolorations in the wood or siding. In addition, primer can save you money on the amount of colored paint needed to fully cover the surface.

Even Coverage

For an even coverage, consider combining multiple gallon cans into a larger five-gallon bucket and mixing. The variations in color blend together for a more uniform color. Exterior painting should be done top to bottom. This allows the painter to work with gravity, control streaks and easily deal with mishaps along the way.

Exterior painting done by a professional company ensures the best results. In addition, they can add grit to your porches and steps for added traction. Plus, they handle the clean-up saving you time.