Popular Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2021

Is your porcelain throne room looking a little drab? Are you looking for inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling project? Here are a few current bathroom decorating trends to inspire your next renovation.

1. Backlit Mirrors

According to the interior design website Houzz, more than 75% of homeowners replace their mirrors during a bathroom renovation. In 2021, mirror and medicine cabinet designs have become elevated with the rising popularity of backlighting. This choice gives your mirrors an elevated and modern look while offering ambient lighting throughout the space. As an added bonus, the backlighting removes the need for the fluorescent glare commonly associated with vanity lighting.

Additionally, from an interior design perspective, the backlighting can also function as decoration. It creates a simple illusion of a floating mirror due to its glowing effect. This can really pop if you’ve decided to give your walls some spice through fun wallpaper or an accent wall.

2. Vintage Fixtures

Vintage has become a popular trend for many Bathroom remodeling projects. Recently, this has come to life through gold and brass fixtures on sinks, bathtubs, mirrors, and faucets. These warm-toned fixtures instantly elevate the bathroom space, bringing a sense of luxury and elegance. Additionally, they give your space a more traditional feel when compared to the shiny chrome fixtures that have been so popular in past years.

3. Large Bathtubs

During the ample time spent at home during 2020, relaxation became a key desire for many homeowners. Because of this, many interior designers and contractors have seen a rise in bathtub renovations. In past years, bathtubs took a backseat to walk-in or waterfall showers. In 2021, the tub trend has come back into style, with a new modern twist. Houzz predicts that freestanding flat-bottomed tubs will soon become more popular than those with decorative bases.

For large master bathrooms, this means that homeowners will likely have both a shower and bathtub for all their relaxation needs.